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Editing by Design, 3rd edition is a compendium of everything… I thought (and still believe) is worthwhile for people to find out about [design]… reworked and re-illustrated… it is a collection of single, though interrelated, units of advice. Each was culled from some place else in my old books, pamphlets, handouts from lectures, notes, and some even inside my skull. If the investor in EbyD3 has the patience to dig inside there, they can find all the info in organized fashion and as concise as I know how to word it…”

— Jan V. White

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“This book is filled with solid design advice and many gems. Jan V. White writes clearly with a dash of humor. The chapters are complete with hand-drawn, pen and ink cartoon sketches that illustrate and explain layout and page relationships. The drawings have a wonderful, friendly style.”
Peggy Nehmen, N-K Creative

“White’s years of experience in publication design make this book worthy of reading, but it is the wisdom and substance in the content that makes it a priceless gem for designers.”
Melissa Gillard

“If there ever was a perfect manual on magazine design and the presentation of content for both editors and designers, this completely revised third edition of consultant Jan White’s Editing By Design is it.”
Robin Sherman, ASBPE newsletter