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“The most popular and beloved of all of Jan’s books is the Graphic Idea Notebook, a collection of more than 2,000 illustrations and line art that visualize the abstract problems that page editors encounter. The images are arranged in five groups that reflect the key concepts of design: mime (body language, pointing, showing, displaying), time, place, type, and idioms. …it’s a still groundbreaking book, almost 30 years after its release.”

— Shauna Haider

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“Graphic Idea Notebook is overflowing with inspiration that will help you think in a whole new way when working with page layouts, type and images.”
Shauna Haider, Nubby Twiglet

“It doesn't offer ‘the’ solution to visual problems or graphic design questions, but rather tries to point you in the direction of finding your own resolution. It is, in essence, a very creative book.”
Bill Wallo, Blogcritics Books